This was a VERY hard decision.  You may start to see that it's hard to buy things now. 

• Chicken-Wing shortage • Car production shortage • Comfort Colors T-Shirt shortage

 We've never seen anything like it!  We have seen our favorite t-shirts and apparel literally disappear overnight. Our material & supply costs are steadily going up and our product choices are going down.  So, we have made the decision to temporarily pause Greek-Box.com until inventory and "life" gets a little more back to normal.  We feel this is the best decision for our customers because we know you deserve the VERY best.

In the end, it's just not fair to you so we have reluctantly decided to pause Greek-Box.com

If you have been receiving a multi-month subscription, you will be reimbursed.  If you have a monthly renewing subscription, we will cancel it before the renewal date.  


made for sorority women by sorority women

You've just found the most unique greek licensed apparel company out there!  We print your orders to size each month and ship them direct to your door (or dorm!) on the 8th of every month.  We are always looking for the most current product that can be affordably included in your monthly shipment.  And, just for fun - we work a time-appropriate theme into the shipment too!  

So, if you're the type of gal who likes something unique and you enjoy one day of self-pampering a month — you found the right sorority apparel subscription box!   YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT.  

Temporarily Canceled.

We have been struggling to find product that meet our standards. We are temporarily pausing Greek-Box until materials and supplies rebound.  We are very, very sad. 

Greek-Box.com is a division of University Life Outfitters and maintains license agreements with 65+ social fraternities and sororities. All Greek-Box.com products are licensed-approved and will submit appropriate royalty payments to relevant sorority based on the licensing agreement.